Cambridge Care Services provide a quality service to our service users and clients by ensuring that our staff meet specific criteria and are of the highest calibre.

A rolling programme of mandatory training is provided to all agency workers in such areas as Manual Handling and Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support. In addition we provide free study days, continuing professional development (CPD) and post registration education and practice opportunities are made available, to enable you to keep up-to- date with current best practice.

A range of courses are on offer to help develop your nursing knowledge and clinical skills.


Mandatory Training

Venue: Cambridge
Run by: CCS

This one day mandatory training course covers manual handling, basic paeds and adult life support, anaphylaxis and automated external defibrillation. Mandatory training is a rolling program covering all venues from January and December each year. This course is mandatory and is required to be updated annually. If you need to up date call the training department to get information on venues and dates and book your place on a course, call 07340 685 509 .There is now a small charge to book onto these courses.

PMVA 2-day refresher course

Dates: TBC
This 2 day refresher course is for both RMNs and Healthcare Assistants working within mental health and psychiatry. Attendees must have previously attended a full or refresher course within the past 12-14 months to enable the refresher training to be fully applicable.
The purpose of this course is for the attendee to have knowledge and an understanding of:
Causes of aggressive and challenging behaviour
Different management strategies for types of behaviours including distraction and diffusion
Effective use of verbal de-escalation techniques and prevention of physical interventions
When is physical intervention appropriate, including safe practise and breakaway techniques and the legislation

Venepuncture Training for Healthcare Assistants

Dates: TBC
Run by: CCS

This training programme is for Health Care Assistants only. It can be used to update current skills or to learn a new skill, if this is a new skill then you would be required to gain competencies within your clinical practice. We are unable to organise this for you. The purpose of this training programme: Is to prepare Health Care Assistants to competently undertake Venepuncture as an extension of their role within Health Care. The course will teach appropriate Anatomy and Physiology with clinical simulation practice. Attendee must have completed the infection control online training to include hand washing technique prior to attending this training.

Learning Outcomes:
To assist the attendee to develope the underpinning knowledge to preform venepuncture in adults.
Be aware of legal and professional implications.
To have a understanding and knowledge of infection control and current practice.
To perform venepuncture

Online Training Courses

Cambridge Care Services also offers video online training courses, when you want it, where you want it. We have a wide range of online courses covering all aspects of care training. All the courses are delivered through our very high quality Learning Management System, allowing you to study online at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection. If you need to increase or just refresh your current skills and knowledge and do not have time to attend a classroom study day then take a look to the on-line courses we have on offer.

We are currently able to offer on-line training through 2 different companies that offer a varied range of CPD courses. Below is a list of some of the courses provided. If you are interested in any of these or want information on other courses then call the training department for information.

Run By: CCS
Online courses:
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpretation
Chest X-Ray Demystified
Atrial Fibrillation & Stroke Prevention
Drug Calculations- Avoiding errors
Interpretation of Coagulation Screen
Dementia Awareness
Understanding the meaning of Palliative Care
Supporting a Person with their Physical Care Needs in a Palliative Care Context
Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines
Equality and Diversity Awareness
12 lead ECG

Here’s a list of the online courses available to our healthcare professionals. For more information on the career development available through Cambridge Care Services, contact a member of our registrations team who will be happy to assist you.

Online courses:
Equality, Diversity & Rights
Health & Safety and Wellbeing
Safeguarding of Children & Adults
Fire Safety
Violence & Aggression
Information Governance
Infection Prevention and Control
NHS Conflict Resolution
Basic Food Hygiene
Lone Working
Risk Incident Reporting
Complaints Handling

If you’re interested in joining Cambridge Care Services, or you’d like more information on the training available, please contact us on 07340 685 509 . Our dedicated and experienced consultants will be delighted to discuss developing your career with Cambridge Care Services.

The course includes instruction and clinical simulation practice and you will be expected to successfully complete competencies within your clinical practice.


What We Offer

We pride ourselves in offering the best Recruitment Services


All of our candidates are interviewed by a senior nurse and passed through a rigorous assessment prior to working.


As a supplier to both NHS and private healthcare providers, We ensure that all staff are thoroughly checked. This includes CRB, training, occupational health & references.

Locum Doctors

We offer locum and temporary contract opportunities for Locum doctors and GP’s throughout the UK.